About Me

This blog was originally made because I wanted a place to store my thoughts on the various books I’ve read. It could be a place for me to refer friends to if they were interested in a book I’ve been raving about. I’ve always been into reading, and I read at a very fast pace – or so I’ve been told. If I have the time, I can sit and read for hours. I love losing myself in a good story. But more than that, I love communicating with others who share that love. I have been introduced to many a good read thanks to the various readers I follow on blogs or instagram – and I hope that one day, this blog will allow me to do the very same for others.

Hm…What can I say about myself? My name is Niki. I’m 25 years old, and happily married to my first love. We have been together since I was 16, and have two beautiful children together – Micah and Tobias. I am not overly picky about what I choose to read. I prefer YA, and fantasy is – and always had been – my favorite. I do enjoy contemporary as well, especially for a quick read. I love books that stay with me; the kind of story where certain quotes are forever burned into memory. I want to feel what the characters feel, and worry for them like they were my own friends. I want to travel – I want to see and step into the shoes of lives I differ from. I am a bisexual Hispanic woman, and as a part of the LBGT community, I love diverse reads.

I am here to be a part of something more. I will forever be a reader (and aspiring writer), and I love hearing recommendations. If ever you have any, please share!

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My rating system:
I rate books out of 5 stars – with no half stars given. I will usually round up if I feel a book deserves it.

5 stars – I LOVE it. I cannot recommend it enough, and will reread it again and again.
4 stars – I liked it very much. I recommend it, even if there are some things I have issue with.
3 stars – So so. An average read.
2 stars – There are things I found significant issue with – I’d probably stay away.
1 star – STAY AWAY!

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